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About spinning a particular fleece or fibre type

Angora rabbit Spinning Angora Yarns Lumb, Dorothy YM 17
Bluefaced Leicester fleece Preparing Bluefaced Leicester Wool for Spinning Dorothy Lumb YM21
Boreray sheep fleece Boreray: A Spinner's View Heikinmatti, Barbro YM 6
Cashmere goat & cotton blend Cashcott Purple Haze Hannaford, Amanda YM 10
Cashmere goat A Cashmere Shawl Hannaford, Amanda YM 4
Cashmere goat Cashmere Blending Hannaford, Amanda YM 3
Cat hair Spinning Cat Hair Helen Morris YM 10
Derbyshire Gritstone sheep fleece Derbyshire Gritstone � Spinning Yarn From the Fleece Greatorex, Hannah YM 11
Dog hair Three Dog Mitts � And a Hat Keranen, Nancy YM 15
Gotland sheep fleece How Can I Spin It, What Can I Make? Walker, Jacqui YM 10
Husky dog and wool blend Beautiful Batts and Husky Hats Lovick, Elizabeth YM 9
Jacob sheep fleece Jacob Fleece Lumb, Dorothy YM 13
Manx Loaghtan sheep fleece (and belnds) Three Manx Hats Hannaford, Amanda YM 18
Merino fleece Horseshoe Lace Scarf Walker, Jacqui YM 7
Ryeland sheep fleece (spinning & pattern) Rustic Sore Thumb Mittens Walker, Jacqui YM 2
Soay sheep fleece Hairshirts and Underpants: Spinning Soay Fleece Jeni Reid YM16
Soay sheep fleece Soay Fair Isle Hannaford, Amanda YM 12
Wensleydale sheep fleece Creative Yarn: Tailspun Wensleydale Deane, Jane YM 16
White Faced Woodland sheep fleece Test Spinning: Whitefaced Woodland, plus Chunky Pompom Hat Walker, Jacqui YM 3










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