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Fleece: finding, washing, preparation of fleece and other fibres for spinning

See also this page ABOUT FLEECE for downloadable pdf files by Sarah Wroot and the Wool Clip about: Selling Fleece to Handspinners, Sorting Fleece; Washing Fleece. These are written with both people wanting to sell their sheep fleece to handspinners and the new spinner in mind.

Finding fleece Don't look a gift Sheep in the Mouth Corbet, Angie YM 1
Importing fleece Bond: The Name's Bond Casewell, Sarah YM 11
Preparation: drumcarding Drumcarder Tips & Myths Barber, Kathryn YM 4
Preparation: drumcarding Drumcarding Fleece from Staple to Batt Barber, Kathryn YM 4
Preparation: blending board Working with a Blending Board or Blending Palette McFadden, Carol G YM 16
Preparation: drumcarding Blending Fibres on a Drum Carder McFadden, Carol G YM 12
Preparation: blending on combs Spinning a Rainbow Kirk, Ellena YM 19
Selecting Assessing a Fleece - or is free fleece a bargain? Lovick, Elizabeth YM 4
Selecting In Search of Fine Fleece Lovick, Elizabeth YM 2
Storing Logging a Fleece and Yarn Stash Lemon, Rachel YM 17
Washing Hot Washing Fine Fleece Lumb, Dorothy YM 5
Washing Scouring for Beginners Shepherd, Jill YM 1
Washing Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis) The Alternative Cleaning Agent? Catlin, Linda and Richard YM 11





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