Animals (including sheep breeds) featured in YarnMaker

Alpacas The Reluctant Alpaca Breeder Tankard, Fiona YM 20
Alpacas The Story of Aston Alpacas Jackson, Carrie YM 16
Angora rabbits Angora Rabbits and Fibre Paul, Sarah YM 17
Angora rabbits About the National Angora Society Horden, Lesley YM 17
Boreray sheep The Boreray Sheep Cooper, D Jane, YM 6
Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Aristocratic Bluefaced Leicesters, as distinctive as their fab-ewe-lous wool Kate Steed YM 21
Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Preparing Bluefaced Leicester Wool for Spinning Dorothy Lumb YM 21
Cashmere goats (Capra hircus laniger) Cashmere - a Fine Passion Prior, Lesley YM 3
Cashmere goats (Capra hircus laniger) Cashmere - a Fine Passion, part 2 Prior, Lesley YM 4
Coloured sheep Sheep Breeding for Colour Tesson, Karen Tesson YM 2
Cotswold sheep A Short History of The Illustrious Cotswold Sheep Harvey Long, Rob YM 14
North Ronaldsay sheep April News Update From North Ronaldsay Lovick, Elizabeth YM 14
Derbyshire Gritstone sheep Derbyshire Gritstone: The Dale O'Goyt Sheep Lumb, Dorothy YM 11
Gotland sheep My Gotland Sheep: The Penwardine Flock Gray, Amanda YM 10
Herdwick sheep Herdwicks of the Lakeland Fells Hall, Pam and Bell, Mary YM 19
Icelandic sheep Icelandic Sheep in Britain Williams, Sally YM 16
Jacob sheep Jacobs Are One of the Best! Steed, Kate YM 13
Leicester Longwool sheep Leicester Longwool Sheep - The Long and Short of it.... Stead, Heather YM 8
Lincoln Longwool sheep Summer Season at Greengate Rowlands, Sharon YM 2
Lincoln Longwool Sheep The Lincoln Longwool Sheep Rowlands, Sharon YM 5
Lincoln Longwool Sheep The Winter Season at Greengate Rowlands, Sharon YM 4
Manx Loaghtan Sheep Manx Loaghtan Sheep: The Parvabrook Flock Taylor, Suzanne YM 7
Polwarth sheep My Polwarth Sheep Webb, Jackie YM 9
Rare breeds of sheep Sheep and the Rare Breed Survival Trust Lumb, Dorothy YM 4
Rare breeds of sheep Sheep in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watchlist 2014   YM 18
Rare breeds of sheep Sheep in the Rare Breed Survival Trust Watchlist 2013   YM 14
Rare breeds of sheep RBST Provides Emergency Help to North Ronaldsay   YM 14
Ryeland sheep Coloured Ryeland Sheep - a spinning shepherd's perspective, Tesson, Karen YM 1
Soay Sheep Soay Sheep at Gaerllwyd Williams, Christine YM 12
Soay sheep Soay: The Mossoay Flock Reid, Jeni YM 15
Wensleydale sheep Notes on the Wensleydale Sheep Lumb, Dorothy YM 20
Wensleydale sheep Spinning and Wensleydales Cooper, Mary YM 20
Whitefaced Woodland sheep The Whitefaced Woodland Onions, Phillip YM 3





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